Sunday, July 31, 2011

FO: Seventies Hooded Tee, McCalls 4322

This is what I sewed on holiday!

There was no iron in our holiday cottage, but I was determined to sew something. Luckily, I had cut out this t-shirt cotton top before we set off, and had stuffed it into my bag at the last minute, just in case I finished my Ginger skirt marathon - ha!

Cotton jersey doesn't require the same degree of pressing as cotton twill, so I managed to put this top together in a couple of afternoons.


Pattern: McCall's 4322 from 1974, on vintage patten wiki here. From an Etsy seller for £1.80. Size: Small (10-12)

Fabric: One metre of white cotton jersey from my local fabric shop, Butterfly Fabrics in Inverurie. I think it was £5.99. I had to shorten it by an inch to get all the pieces onto one metre, because I am mean like that ; )

The sewing experience:

Surprisingly smooth sailing!

I thought that the double-layered hood would be a beggar to fit to the neck, but it actually went in easily, with no gathering or tweaking or stretching required. I don't know if you can see, but the neckline is part of the hood and crosses over at the front, fitting onto the scooped front section. It is very cleverly oversewn to hold all the layers in place, then trimmed down for a neat finish.

The back has princess seams for added shapeliness.

The sleeves are extensions of the main body pieces, rather like my self-drafted top, but narrower.

I learned from past mistakes and sewed all the seams with Universal Stitch on my Bernina. This is definitely the best stitch for cotton jersey on this machine.


It is a little tighter across the bust than I am used to. But that's how t-shirts were worn in the seventies! I really like the neck shaping and I might make it again in View D, minus the hood, with a rounded collar instead.

But right now I have an appointment with the ironing board to get a Ginger skirt off the starting blocks!

Friday, July 29, 2011

West Coast Time

For seven days, our lives slowed down so much we lost track of time.

There was the occasional walk across a deserted beach.

There were wonderful meals in remote Inns, where we had the surprise of meeting Other People. Where there was bustle and noise and music and laughter.

But most of the time, we had complete peace.

I came to realise how many hours a day my dear FL spends fast asleep. And the sheer effort involved in climbing a short flight of stairs.

I started the week with such plans, such plans for sewing...
skirts, trousers, a blouse? But... there was no iron in the cottage!

So I sat and I thought about it for a while. And realised there was no rush. There was no rush, and there was perfect peace.

So I picked up my sock and I knitted. And I knitted some more. Days passed. Perfect sunny days spent sitting in a sun porch with a view of the still blue sea.

I did a little bit of sewing... and I will show you that another day.

But mostly my days were counted in rows.

And lines were written in my journal.

Sketches were drawn.

I baked bread and I sprouted snow peas.

There was no TV, no telephone, no demands on our time other than the ones we created for ourselves.

A perfect holiday at the House With The Red Gate.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shoes for Arietty

While I was thinking about making Ginger skirts and my tendency to look out-of-proportion in a-lines, I was reminded of some wonderful Borrowers-inspired shoes I spotted.

They are sadly out of my price bracket, but they are so lovely, I thought you would like to see!

They are all from Fairysteps.

Their maker also has a lovely blog. She has been crochetting gorgeous cushion-covers recently :)

She makes bags and belts too.

I am kicking myself because she had a pair of shoes in my size reduced to half price because of a slight discolouration on one toe. I prevaricated for too long and someone else bought them - sob!

When I was a student in Leeds, I had a wonderful pair of red handmade leather ankle boots, from a shop called "Made To Last". That shop is long gone, as are the boots: I wore them into the ground and a local shoe-repairer could not reverse the damage.

If I did not work in a fairly conservative environment, I would buy a pair of these and wear them every day.

I will have to save that treat for when I move to Hebden Bridge to live on a canal boat and keep cats.

I will knit and read and drink herbal tea all day.

I might even crochet some cushions :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Arietty is Tasting Ginger

Having a somewhat stubborn streak, I have been avoiding buying the Ginger pattern from Colette because it is, to quote myself: "Just a simple a-line skirt".

But what if it is the perfect a-line skirt, Roo? And all those hours you have wasted trying to adjust your Clothkits Ruby skirt to make it actually stay up (without safety-pins attached to your tights) could be wiped out by starting again with this pattern. Just rip the skirt apart and re-cut. Go on. Do it! And add a black waistband while you are at it!

I have seen some fab Gingers out in blogland. Jane's denim version was the deciding factor. The firmness of her chosen fabric really shows off the shape. It is not "just an a-line", it is a slightly belled shape, and that is what I need. It has to come in a bit at the knee or else I look like Arietty from The Borrowers (P.S. Have you seen? Studio Ghibli has made a film! I can't wait!)

My love of the a-line ended abruptly when I made a triangular clown-skirt, here. Ugh. It looked much worse in real life. I need to get over my irrational fear of what ought to be a streamlined wardrobe staple.

In the long term, I want to make an orange babycord or wool Ginger, to wear with Betty Jean. I might add piping at the waist, using this tutorial.

And I want to make a chevron-striped version like Sarah Gabbart. And there is some lovely navy ditsy-print drill at Ditto Fabrics which would look wonderfully 1970's in this style.

But for my first experiment I am "shopping the stash". By the time you read this, I hope to be glued to my sewing machine somewhere on the wild west coast, running up the perfect Gingery treat, occasionally glancing out of the window at the sea. I'll show you what happens when I get back!

P.S. Dear Mr Burglar, If you read this and are planning to break into my house while I am away on holiday... I really wouldn't bother. My sewing machine is the most valuable thing we own and it is here with me. The TV? You are welcome to take it: it is very old and very small. And anyway... by the time you find our house, you will have used up a tank of petrol: Sat Nav doesn't work with our post-code. So, enjoy the view and pick a courgette if you wish. Just don't make a mess, will you? Thanks. Roobeedoo.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mushroom Prints

Do you ever get hit by a print obsession?

When you've been bobbing along for a while sewing nice plain "go with everything" staples... only to be slapped round the face with a crazy must-have pattern?

I am having a mushroom moment.

Or maybe they are toadstools. I could ask FL - he would know! ;)

This piece of polka dot madness would make SUCH a great apron!

While these reggae-tastic cartoon mushrooms would make great pyjama bottoms.

Or something for my son? I know he would appreciate this print but I can't think what I could use it for.

A pair of pillowcases for The Boy and his lady-love?

And last but not least, here is the print that started me off on this psychedelic quest.

I really fancy a Ginger skirt made up in this print.

No, honestly, I do!

All fabrics available at Fancy Moon.

I promise you I was not sponsored to write this post!

Friday, July 22, 2011

One Man and His Duck (Pond)

You may recall that my darling FL decided to build a dam in the bog, in order to create a pond .

From looking at this picture, you could be forgiven for thinking that he had succeeded.

Witness the brave captain, launching his rubber duckie!

Regrettably, I have to report that this is not the site of the dam, but the land adjacent to it.

FL employed a contractor to come in and cut the grass on the fields. He had hoped to sell it as

cattle feed, but it turned out to contain too many tansies... but I digress.

The tractor driver took the wrong turning at the foot of the hill and ended up "lairt" in the bog. He had to call home for assistance, and a second tractor travelled 12 miles across the Shire to pull him out.

The mud-churning which ensued created a rather effective pond, don't you think?!

You just gotta love the man!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

FO: Box-Pleat Self-Penned Tee

While I was making my purple self-drafted top, it occurred to me that the pleats at the neck would look good" inside out". This red version has been buzzing around my head ever since, particularly since my purple top has become a real wardrobe staple for both work and weekend wear.

I had the day off on Monday, as The Girl was flying to London. When I got home from the airport, I vacuumed the dog hair off the floor and set to work. Two hours later, it was done : )

Pattern: Self-drafted ; )

Fabric: About 80cm of red cotton jersey from Croft Mill @ £5.25 per metre.

The Sewing:

This fabric is heavier than my purple version. It is almost an interlock jersey: really dense. As a result, I found my "vari-lock" stitching caused a rippling effect to the seams. Gentle stretching seems to have rectified this, but it was a worrying process. I opted for "Universal Stitch" for the hems and neckline, which seemed to add much-needed stability.

I decided to use Fold-Over Elastic to finish the neck, as the back of my purple version tends to stick out a bit and would benefit from being pulled in a little. I used the matt side of the FOE as the right side, which meant the slippery satin sides were being folded together... oops!

There was some... squirrelly muttering. It's still not perfect, but it is perfectly wearable.

Strangely, this top feels bigger than the purple one, even though I know it is absolutely the same size. It must be the thicker fabric.

The central pleat could perhaps be wider, and the outermost pleats feel superfluous.

But I like it!

It's good to have a plain-coloured top which has all the comfort of a tee shirt, with an interesting neckline. I like being able to wear it to work with a splash of vintage jewellery, or at the weekend over jeans.

Would I make it again?

Highly likely... but not for a while. It's time to move on to something else, now that I have cut my self-drafting teeth!

Styling Credits:

Seasalt Working Boats skirt

Vintage pen-nib earrings from Altered Eras at Etsy (UK seller)

Besame lipstick in Dusty Rose

In case you're wondering... I did order the Howies cardigan but it was too long in the body to wear with a skirt, so I sent it back. It was lovely though!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Knicker Elastic: A Comparative Study

You may remember I made some pants? That was a year ago and they are still going strong.

I decided it was time to make some more. Something to do with the fact that I didn't keep up with the laundry last week and had to resort to wearing ill-fitting shop-boughts at the weekend : (

My pattern is based on a pair by Pants to Poverty, but I have tweaked the shape to improve the fit so I reckon I could call these "self-drafted" now!

All of my elastic came from the English Couture Company. They have a minimum order value of £10 so I "stocked up" last year and have only now got round to comparing the different types.

From top to bottom:

14mm wide Ruby Satin FOE

18mm wide Fuschia Satin Fold-Over Elastic (known as FOE in American books and blogs)

Plush-backed Plum picot-edge elastic

Stretch lace in Rust, 4cm wide

I also have some narrow (7mm) navy plush-backed elastic and some 1cm navy matt FOE: I haven't tried either of these yet.

The benefit of using FOE is that it encases the raw edge of your fabric, like bias binding.

My preference is for the wider (18mm) version as it was much easier to handle. I used the "Universal Stitch" on my Bernina machine and it spanned the 14mm FOE a bit too closely to the edges.

Remember, the tape is folded over, so is half the stated width in use. Those 2mm made all the difference!

My latest knickers were made using leftover cotton jersey from my self-drafted top. The purple picot-edge elastic is a good colour match so I thought I'd try it out.

It resulted in a much plainer garment, which I felt the need to tart up a bit with ric rac "go faster stripes" down the side seams!

This elastic has a velvety backing, so is great for lingerie. I have seen it sold to make reusable cloth nappies too.

Once it is sewn on, you can trim your main fabric down to the edge of your stitching for neatness, and the elastic forms the top edge of the garment, like a waistband.

My next experiment is due to be the stretch lace... but I can't quite get over the colour! I am trying to convince myself that combining purple and orange is very 70's retro chic... but it might just be BAD!

I am also hesitating over the width of this lace. When it is used on shop-bought knickers, they seem to cut back the fabric behind the lace to avoid too many bulky layers in your important little places, and the result is a very uncomfortable gusset. Maybe not.

I still have plenty of the purple plush but I will have to think of another embellishment as I have used all my lilac ric rac! Maybe a dash of red ric rac - why not?!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Project Prepping and Fine Dining

I have been gathering my resources for a week on the West Coast.

Because we choose to holiday in the wilderness, I need to be sure I pack everything we could possibly need. The nearest shop is a half-hour's drive away and is "basic". The nearest supermarket is 50 miles away. Think about that: scary isn't it?!

So I have made a start on a few projects I plan to take with me, packing up the materials I need as I identify them.

I have wound this Fyberspates Bamboo / Merino yarn for a pair of socks. I will cast on and work a few rows, just to make sure I am taking the right size of needles.

And I started off an embroidered cushion cover, based on the Dream Garden design I linked to. I will pack an assortment of threads ... and a spare needle.

I am still thinking through my dressmaking plans. I have the white hooded t shirt cut and ready. Then there's the red pleated-neck t shirt - I might make that before I go!

I suspect I need to start work on autumnal sewing. I am basking a little too easily in my me-made summery wardrobe, forgetting that all too soon the temperatures will start to drop and I will be complaining that I have nothing but short-sleeved blouses to wear.

While I consider my options, I might just have a slice of chocolate and apricot tart. If that photo looks blurry, it's because your eyes have glazed over with envy. ; )

The recipe is from the Moro cookbook and I made it at the weekend as dessert when FL's golf friend came to dinner.

The Girl also particularly recommends Moro's chorizo and butterbean salad which she "could eat everyday".

FL and his pal were more interested in the whisky sampling session they indulged in after the meal. It's just as well this only happens once a year as it took FL two days to recover. Sigh.

Golf is still off the menu as his back is troubling him. He has been very weak for about a week, with a heavy cold and general aches and pains. The whisky session wiped him out, but I can't find it in my heart to tell him off, because how often does he get the chance to sit up til 3am with an old friend, talking about the Old Days? It was a good weekend for him, in many ways.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grasping the Thistle

This weekend I realised it was time to tackle the garden again.

The herb garden is looking pretty lush and green. Sadly, the rabbits ate most of my new plants. We didn't even know they could get in through the double-layered fence until the cosmos, knautia, verbascum and verbena all disappeared without a trace. Sigh.

But the foxgloves have self-seeded to great effect to fill the gaps between the mounds of lavender and thyme, which don't seem to interest the bunnies. I still need to do some weeding, but it's almost respectable... which is lucky because the nearest Steading is "to let" again and this garden is right by their front door.

My weekend weeding energy went into the second veg garden. This is the "before" picture.

If you look really hard you might spot a courgette flower in among the thistles...?

Yeah. I grow a mean thistle crop.

Clearly, the farm labourer just turned the earth over when he dug it - these thistles had vintage credentials, with roots like carrots. My style of gardening involves removing the weeds altogether, and I don't get paid for it!

Here's what was left when I had finished.

Pathetic, huh?

I don't think we will be giving away any spare courgettes this year!

But the broad beans are still going well in Veg Garden Number One, along with FL's potatoes.

We won't starve after all! ; )

Friday, July 15, 2011

FO: Lenora Socks

The good thing about long train journeys and extended sojourns in hospital waiting rooms is the Finest Quality Knitting Time.

I only cast on the second sock of this pair on Saturday and was finished on Wednesday - woot!

What can I tell you?

The pattern

The pattern is Lenora by Kimberley Delacruz, and it was originally a Three Irish Girls sock club design. Anyone can buy it now, so I did!

It was designed for a seacell yarn, but I used Old Maiden Aunt Superwash merino, which is probably a finer yarn. Even so, I thought this was rather generously-sized, with 72 stitches round the ankle and foot. I usually think of "a 72" as being a man-sized sock and I should have listened to myself because it is definitely too big for me.

Despite its girth, it is designed as a short ankle sock, which is more suited to the girls I know than the men. I therefore knitted it a bit longer in the foot, with a larger-footed gal in mind: I can think of three: queue up ladies!

The Girl modelled for me, and observed that they were a good fit ; )

The yarn

Gorgeous handpainted yarn in "Bluebells" colourway from Old Maiden Aunt! It has quite a good tight spin, which is always my preference for socks. It reminds me a lot of my old favourite Piece of Beauty sock yarn, which is sadly no longer available. Maybe I should stock up with Old Maiden Aunt! ; )

The Experience

Perfect meditative sock-knitting! There was enough going on to keep me interested, without any head-scratching or unpicking.

The finished socks are pretty without being fussy, so good to gift.

So... yes! It's a pair of socks! :D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Holiday Wardrobe with a Side of Salty Culture

It's not long until FL and I go off on our exotic summer holiday to the West Coast - woo hoo!

I don't usually take many clothes on holiday, as I try to limit my packing to one backpack, a knitting bag, and my... ahem... sewing machine! Priorities, people!

But since I have just bought a new skirt, it makes sense to take it with me, and make sure I have tops that go with it... even if I am making them while I am there!

Does anyone else sew on holiday? It's such fun setting up a workshop in a strange house!

I finally cracked and bought the Seasalt "working boats" print skirt, when they emailed me a 30% discount code. It had been on my wishlist for months! What makes it special enough to break my "me-made only" pledge? It's that dobby dot texture on organic cotton. And the velvet ribbon waistband. And best of all, the print reminds me of Peter Anson's work.


Peter Anson.

He was an artist who spent much of his life on the Moray coast, painting and drawing the fishing boats and villages of the area... before he decided to become a monk. Fascinating chap!

You can learn more about him here.

Or buy prints here.

Anyway... back to the sewing(!)

My white Lisette top is the skirt's perfect textural twin so I will pack that.

I have already cut out a white hooded t-shirt which will look great with this print: kind of sporty?

And I have some red cotton jersey to make another pleated-neck top.

I may have popped a matching scarf into my shopping basket... ;)
Goodness me - I do believe it is a capsule collection!

The final item I might add is a new shop-bought cardigan.

Sharp inhalation - Roo! How can you even suggest buying a cardigan?!

Because the sales are on. And by the time I knit something to go with my new outfit(s), it will no longer be new.

This one is by Howies and is reduced to £29. It is ethically produced and made of organic cotton.


If anyone so much as whispers "retail therapy" they will get the sharp side of my tongue!

P.S. FL succeeded in getting his blood drawn today. Let's hope his sample makes it into the courier bag to Birmingham, eh?

Monday, July 11, 2011

No one threw bricks: a trip to Glasgow

Photo: Lunch at Stereo, a vegan cafe in Renfield Lane behind Glasgow Central Station. She had gnocchi, I had a roast beetroot / walnut / date salad with organic bread. Mmmmm!

The Girl and I had an amazing time in Glasgow.

On Saturday, we scoured the charity shops and vintage clothing shops of the Byres Road area, which were just streets ahead of anything I have found in London or Edinburgh.

We both found fab CDs for £2.99 each at the Oxfam music shop, where they were actually playing The Smiths as we walked in. As The Girl had just sewn a Morrissey patch on her cut off black jean shorts, this was "a sign"!

She also found a fabulous cobwebby drapey black hooded cardigan in Glorious Clothing of Dowanside Lane. Kestrel - you were right about that street, we loved it! Glorious Clothing is a dress agency which sells what you might call "future vintage": the carefully hand-picked best of the high street, pre-owned but in perfect condition. There were loads of things there I might have bought if I didn't keep thinking to myself "But I don't buy clothes anymore"!

The Girl (with her black lipstick, zip-seamed fishnets and black jean shorts) was a big hit in one vintage shop we went into: the two shop ladies were all over her for her Goth look, pulling clothes out they thought she might like. We didn't buy anything there, but it was fun! She also got shouted at in a backstreet "Hey! Are you crazy?!" It sounds scary but we just laughed at the time because it felt OK. We have decided Glasgow is a place we could live. ; )

Back at Grandma's we mentioned seeing a vintage spider brooch... and gma brought out her jewellery drawer, presenting The Girl with a 1950's purple glass spider and a massive black ring, which she had acquired from the Lost Property Office at the bus garage where she worked before she married. Apparently the office staff got first dibs on Lost items after they had lain unclaimed for 6 months, and gma took a shine to this ring, but then never had the courage to wear it: "Folks would have thrown bricks at me if I had worn that!"

Clearly, her grand-daughter has a more confident approach to style!

What did I buy in Glasgow? Just the CDs. I didn't get to any sewing or knitting shops, but I was more than happy mooching around the second-hand shops. If I hadn't had to carry it home on the train, I would have snapped up an old type-setter's drawer from a huge selection at a shop on Otago Lane (I think). Though what would I have put in it? It just appealed!

FL had three games of golf while we were away. But he may have overdone it, as today he had to walk off the course with a severe pain in his back. He is feeling OK now, but he thinks he may not be able to swing the club again for the foreseeable future. Sigh.

But I think we all had a good weekend. Even Grandma ; )

Friday, July 08, 2011

FO: Two True Pillowcases

The second pillowcase only took an evening to embroider.

Which just goes to show that it's all about the mojo: you've either got it or you haven't!

Obviously I ought to iron them before use... but if you look at the red-hearted version you may notice some grubby smudges.

That's where the newspaper I was using to prevent the transfer from going all the way through both sides of the fabric onto the ironing board decided to print itself onto the plate of the iron. I am still
trying to get the ink off. Grrr...

This weekend, The Girl and I are off to see grandma, which is a technology-free zone. So no blogging.... sob.

But we do get to explore Glasgow! Thanks for all your suggestions of cool places to go! :D

FL has his annual golfing week with friends from Down South, so he will be kept busy with eating, drinking and being merry. He might even golf! So he won't be lonely while we're away.

Bye for now!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Tattooes on My Pillowcases (remind me baby of you)

Who remembers the plan to replace my Turin-shroud-motif pillowcases with some funky upbeat embroidered versions?

Pillowcase Number One had been sitting on the sofa for far too long, being moved up to the table and back again depending on whether I wanted to sit or eat.

And really, it is not a particularly large project, so there was no good excuse other than the simple loss of ooomph. So while encouraging The Girl to start her Tara MacPherson cushion cover, I thought I ought to set a good example and pick up my own stitching. And it didn't take long at all.

And it was fun! So much fun that I got started on its non-identical twin straightaway- hooray!

FL remains dubious. He calls it my "labour of love" and chuckles in a subversive sort of way. But you know what? Moi, je ne m'en fous!

(Child-friendly translation: "Whatevaaa!")

Maybe I should embroider that on the next pair ; )

Actually, I am getting quite addicted to embroidery. I love this Dream Garden design. FL will call it "twee". Response as before.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Lunch with Jessamine

It was such a sunny weekend. The Girl and I spent some time lolling on the trampoline reading our books. I finished The Cookbook Collector, and now I am bereft: I miss Jess, one of the main characters. I really enjoyed having her around my head! She was vegan and enjoyed wholewheat bread with avocado and sprouts* for lunch. And peaches: she loved a good ripe peach. I can relate to that!

On Saturday, I rustled up this freshest of summer salsas. For Jess and I. ('Cos let's face it, fruit in a savoury dish does not appeal to anyone else in this house.)

The recipe actually came from my Slow Cooking book: probably one of the last places you might expect to find a tangy mouthful of summer sunshine!

Summer Salsa

Chop these:

1 crisp red apple - mine was a Pink Lady!

4 spring onions

1 avocado

1 fat red chilli

8 radishes - mine were purple!

A handful of fresh leaf coriander or basil

Dress with:

The juice and zest of 1 lime

1/2 teaspoon agave syrup (or honey, if you're not vegan: Jess doesn't like the idea of "indentured bees")

You could eat this with roast beast if that's your thing. But some freshly baked seedy bread would do fine for Jess and me.

*Sprouts as in "sprouted seed or pulses" NOT the brussels variety... though I suppose you could...

Monday, July 04, 2011

Summer Activities

The Scottish school holidays have begun and The Girl has 6 and a half long weeks stretching ahead of her, to be filled somehow.

She is lucky enough to have a father to visit in London, and an aunty in Somerset, so she will get away for a break from nowhere-land!

She is past the stage of enduring summer sports camps or other organised group activities. We are not yet sure whether anyone from school will want to meet up in the holidays... that's all still a bit touch and go.

So the summer began with a little craft project. I helped her sew a make-up bag. We used this online tutorial .

The fabric was bought to make a tablecloth for her room, but somehow we have never got round to that, and her desk has so much stuff on it, I'm not sure that a tablecloth is really needed.

The lining was leftover from my Polka Dot blouse.

And everything fits inside - woo hoo!

Yeah - her make-up collection is better than mine! ; )

She also has plans to embroider a cushion cover using a Tara McPherson design I gave her for her birthday. Did you know you can buy Glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread?!

Other holiday plans include a trip to the optician for more stylish glasses... luckily we have found an appropriate frame in the "bargain" range!

And we are combining a trip to see grandma with a tour of the alternative shops of Glasgow. That promises to be a fun weekend!

We found a great-looking guide booklet to vintage / indie / kawaii Glasgow here.

But if you have any recommendations, please leave a comment! We haven't been to the city before.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Japanese Pattern Books for sale

I am selling a couple of Japanese pattern books over on Ebay, if you are interested. Just search "Japanese sewing pattern" and you will find them!

The first one contains some simple "mother and daughter" patterns for tops, skirts and camisoles as well as a huge number of "homeware" patterns for bags and boxes and suchlike. It would be a good introduction to sewing with a Japanese book as the diagrams are very clear and easy to follow. I have made a few things out of here but it is still in perfect condition.

The second is devoted to embroidered bags, with lots of different styles to accessorise your kimono. The embroidery patterns are lovely in their own right - there's a stylised dragon which I had great plans for when I bought this book, but I have never got round to any of it, so I am selling it as "new". I am just not a bag person!

I need to clear the clutter, so I will be listing other patterns over the next week or so. Happy bidding!